Interviews with members of the band Luiz Bacchi, Alex Burtzos, Nuri نوري Hazzard, and Will Healy as we rehearsed for ShoutHouse: CrossCurrent, 9/9/2016 at the DiMenna Center, 8pm. Video filming/editing by the amazing Jack Frerer, music by Will Healy.

ShoutHouse performs "Mannahatta" by Will Healy, featuring Hannah Zazz, Nuri Hazzard, and Spiritchild, as well as dancers Taylor Labruzzo, Zach Gonder, and Quilan Arnold. Filmed live at the DiMenna Center, 9.9.2016. Filming/editing by Jack Frerer. Check out more ShoutHouse at

ShoutHouse premieres Jesse Greenberg's Something Like an Afternoon at the cell, 10/15/15 Featuring Megan Atchley, Jai Issa, and Mikaela Bennett, conducted by Alex Burtzos audio excerpt, featuring Connell Thompson on clarinet, from the upcoming album by ShoutHouse.

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